What needs to happen to your wealth in the next 3 years?

Without a plan, how would you answer this question?

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The Plan Protector Approach

By planning your future, we can help protect it. Our objective is to provide you the best opportunity to live the lifestyle you want, now and in retirement, and this involves the following discovery, planning and maintenance process. Financial planning ever changing and can be fun!


Step 1

The DreamWealth Questionaire

We begin with a questionnaire that allows us to gain perspective on what it is you hope to achieve. We also learn more about the areas most in need of improvement.


Step 2

Intern-Extern Analysis

We reach out to experts in various financial fields in order to determine accurately the needs and opportunities within your financial picture.


Step 3

Lifestyle and Cash Flow

To make your cash flow as efficient as possible, we combine projections with strategies to allocate incoming and outgoing wealth.


Step 4

Protection Focus

We take a concentrated look at the forms of risk within your finances, and delineate the steps to improve overall security.


Step 5

The RightPlan Presentation

Your written, fully documented plan is presented to you in a one-to-one meeting. We begin implementing and following the plan’s clear steps and timelines.


Step 6

Steady Support

Monitoring and communication are vital to keeping your plan on track, so we meet regularly to review and renew the plan according to your current needs.


If you don’t have a plan for retirement, how do you plan to get there?

There are countless financial products and solutions out there, but in my experience, there is only one common thread amongst those who meet their retirement goals: having a plan to reach them. It takes more than a strong investment strategy to overcome the taxes and costs that can erode your savings, and it takes more than good cash flow to create the legacy you want. The fact is that no single strategy is as valuable as having a complete plan in place.

By looking at all the parts of your finances together, we can bring all strategies into alignment, and help you make choices that will make the difference between meeting your retirement goals and not meeting them. Our purpose is to implement these decisions through a custom plan that you can easily follow.

“It’s amazing how few people have written plans, or even clear goals. The ones who do, though, end up doing much better in retirement.”

Brian Poncelet, CFP Financial Planner