Episode 1 – No regrets Insurance

This episode talks about No Regret Insurance: a policy you give to yourself, that pays dividends on the use of your time here and now. No Regret Insurance does not cost money, but there is a price. It requires that you take all the frustration, anger, pain and suffering of regret, and use that energy as fuel to fund the future. Use it to scope out and sculpt possibilities.

Episode 2 – Paycheck Insurance

This episode talks about Paycheck Insurance, disability insurance, asking which would replace lost income if you were unable to work? There are many types of insurance coverage and riders available in the market, and if you’re considering a purchase you should consult a licensed disability insurance agent. However, if you’re just starting to learn more about the benefits of disability insurance, here are some high level discussion points to consider.

Episode 3 – Why TD, RBC and other mortgage life insurance is a rip off

This episode talks about Mortgage life insurance and how your financial institution may offer you the option to purchase mortgage life insurance when you buy a house. Depending on the institution, as many people as are on the mortgage can be covered by the mortgage life insurance—up to eight in some cases. The insurance is provided to you by a large insurer and not your financial institution

Episode 4 – Helping Business Owners Exit with Dignity and Profitably


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Episode 5 – Sell your Business for more


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